Beef 2012

We greatly enjoyed being a part of Beef 2012 – with the Bimbadeen site enjoying a great vantage point in Brangus Boulevard and our show team polished up for the show ring (and the 6th World Brangus Congress).

If you missed visiting us at the Rockhampton Showgrounds in May, here were our stars:


Athletic and well-fleshed: Bimbadeen F20 (BIM09FF20)

Length & depth to burn: Bimbadeen F239 (BIM09RF239)

A young bull with a big future: Bimbadeen G208 (BIM10FG0208)

Looks + figures: Bimbadeen G66 (BIM10RG66)

Somethin’ special: Bimbadeen G23 (BIM10FG23)

Great nature and type: Bimbadeen G261  (BIM10FG0261)

Big and beautiful: Bimbadeen F262 (BIM09RF262)

Productive and pretty:  BIM09FF12 (& bull calf)

Bimbadeen F251 (BIM10RG251)

Style & softness: Bimbadeen G213 (BIM10FG0213)


Somethin’ special – Bimbadeen G143 (BIM10EG0143)

NB Greta was part of the Brangus Stud Starter Pack giveaway run by the ABCA and the Qld Country Life. Read about it here.

We will be taking a selection of the show animals above to the Rockhampton ABCA sale and the inaugural All Red Sale later this year. Check our sale page for more details.


Bruce, Barb, Mark and Amanda