2021 Sale Report

2021 Sale Report

September 30, 2021 Off By Amanda

The 65th Anniversary Bimbadeen Genetics Sale (held on September 21) was a great success, with 100% of bulls and heifers offered being sold to new homes across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

  • Top-priced bull overall was Bimbadeen RENOUF R185 (P) went to Ginoondan Brangus for $22,000
  • Top-priced red Brangus bull was Bimbadeen RANGO R227 (P) to Redline Brangus for $20,000
  • The first 13 bulls (into the ring) averaged $12,230
  • The first 20 bulls averaged $10,950
  • Red Brangus bulls averaged $12,200
  • Overall average (bulls) $9326
  • 122 head sold in total
  • 46/46 bulls sold (offered through the ring)
  • 6/6 registered females sold.
  • Top $6000 (Bimbadeen Raya R175)
  • Averaged $4832.
  • 70/70 heifers sold
  • Averaged $1450/head.


  • Zlotkowski & Co – 10 bulls
  • S & A Watts – 8 bulls
  • Westmore Pastoral – 4 bulls
  • Kanda WT Pty Ltd – 1 bull, 12 heifers


  • Top-priced bull Bimbadeen RENOUF R185 – GINOONDAN BRANGUS (G Taylor)
  • Top-priced red bull Bimbadeen RANGO R227 – REDLINE BRANGUS (Dingle Family)
  • Bimbadeen ROMEO R102 – STUTZVIEW BRANGUS (Jackson family)
  • Bimbadeen REMINGTON R1 – KRAKEN BRANGUS (J Jeynes and J Sheehan)
  • Bimbadeen RIPCURL R150 – GLENROSA BRANGUS (R Reynolds)
  • Bimbadeen RAMBLER R58 – 3 HEARTS BRANGUS (Robinson sisters)
  • Bimbadeen REFRACT R99 – KIMBERLEY DOWNS BRANGUS (Roger Davis)
  • Bimbadeen RAVENSHOE R139 – DOC’S BRANGUS (Brock Dahtler)
  • Bimbadeen Risque R88 (heifer) – PHEASANT CREEK BRANGUS (Brad & Nicole Saunders)

Young ABCA member Brock Dahtler (Doc’s Brangus) took home 1 registered bull, the top-priced registered heifer (Bimbadeen RAYA R175 $6,000) and the Bimbadeen MEMPHIS semen package. We look forward to seeing how his herd progresses with this Bimbadeen injection!

It was wonderful to see repeat buyers back re-investing in Bimbadeen seedstock, as well as strong support from new buyers across Queensland and New South Wales. A huge thankyou to all who attended, particularly our successful bidders and underbidders. Your support means a lot to us.

Thanks to everyone for braving some tough weather conditions – a very windy, dusty day providing some challenges for our fantastic nbn LOCAL rep Karen, who stayed calm and got us connected (with the help of the giant wind-block provided by our semi-trailer!)

Included are a sneak peek of great images from the day (from set-up, inspections, auction and top-price bulls) snapped by very talented Monto photographer Susie McLaughlan Photography