Our Vision



How do we achieve this goal?

1. Through careful selection of stud sires – using the best Bimbadeen and other top Australian bloodlines, along with imported American genetics through our AI & ET programs.

2. Through success of our commercial herd – while our stud of red and black Brangus numbers 400, our commercial herd is much larger.  If it doesn’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

3. Through selection within our own herd – all females must breed their best qualities on, and raise calves annually.  All males who do not pass our rigorous inspections at regular intervals throughout their lives are transitioned to the commercial herd as steers.  Our steers too, must consistently meet market demands.

How do we know that we achieve this goal?

1. Through buyer feedback.  We seek out feedback on the progress of our sold-on stock from studmasters, commercial beef breeders and feedlot managers.  We know our seedstock tend to pass on characteristics vital to a low-maintenance herd: small calves (with few birthing issues), who grow into easy-doing, fast-finishing animals. We also guarantee the fertility of our bulls.

2. Our own commercial herd.  We use our own bulls and cows to produce cattle for the Australian and export markets, including EU – with strict weight and age guidelines, there is no room for anything that doesn’t finish early or cover sufficiently.  Our abattoir feedback reports consistently confirm this to us.

We also pursue sustainable grazing practices and are proud of our land management strategies.