Bimbadeen Open Day & Sale

We are hosting Bimbadeen first independent Open Day and Sale on August 26, 2017.  (CATALOGUE HERE)

The event will be held at Bimbadeen’s ‘Arthur’s Knob’ property and will feature a display of heifers, cows, show bulls, bulls to be offered at upcoming sales and 30 excellent young red and black Bimbadeen bulls available to purchase via a Helmsman auction.

These young (rising two years old) bulls are all naturally conceived, naturally polled, semen tested and ready to work.  Bimbadeen is also accredited EU and J-BAS 7 – so bulls are ready to travel to the NT and WA as well.

Keep your eye out in rural publications for stories on the 2017 Bimbadeen Open Day & Sale – our Facebook Page will also share updates and individual bull info sheets.

To assist us with catering (we are hoping to do something a bit different in this area) we’d love it if you can either register for the event (on FB here) or comment/message us to let us know you are likely attending.

Look forward to seeing you here in August!


Mark, Amanda and family