Branding time @ Bimbadeen

January 24, 2012 0 By Amanda

In between heat waves and drizzling rain, we have managed to complete the 2012 branding here at Bimbadeen. After the floods of 2011, it was nice to have firm ground underfoot to walk our breeders to the yards.

This time last year we were bogging horses in this exact spot!

The calves are looking fantastic and full of vigour – there was a lot of skipping around the mob as we mustered them in for the brand…

Our off-siders included the youngest generation of the Bimbadeen team (a couple seen here at the front of this mob of black stud Brangus cows).

We also had a couple of young ringers from Warwick way join us, and appreciated the long days and hard work they both put in (thanksCal and Lachy!).

(NB Keep an eye out for these boys in Rocky later this year, at Beef 2012).

Our reds were brought in too, with plenty of babies by our younger Doonside bull.

We are delighted with the carcass, structural and temperament traits being passed down from both Bimbadeen dams and our excellent (purchased) Aussie sires.

We noted lots of great temperament from four-legged and two-legged youngsters around the branding cradle…


As usual, the mothering-up job kept all the team busy (including the chief brander!).

It was also noted that our top-producing dam, K234 had once again brought in a ‘snodger’ of a calf.  A heifer which may make it to the show ring later this year.

As always though, it’s great to get the cows and calves back to their paddocks…

Tagged, branded, innoculated, assessed and mothered…

We can’t wait to see how our 2012 babies grow out…


Amanda (on behalf of THE BIMBADEEN TEAM)