Stud muster

Stud muster

April 5, 2012 0 By Amanda

It’s been glorious Autumn weather here at Bimbadeen, making our late branding musters a real pleasure.  So we thought we’d share some glimpses with you, taken during one of our days in a stud paddock this week.

The granite boulders of our open country often marks a favourite resting place for our breeders.

They look surprised to be caught mid-mouthful sometimes – still pretty, even with her lunch dangling from her lips!

A young heifer bemused at the attention of the crazy lady with the Nikon glued to her face…

Mother and son playing around …

The incredible shade tree in the middle of the dip yards – the kids think it’s the Enchanted Faraway Tree!

Some of our hard workers take a break during the yardwork – from front: Blue, Patch and Cruel.

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek into a day at Bimbadeen (a quick preview for those taking the Pre-Congress Brangus tour next month).


The Bimbadeen Team