Beef Week action!

May 20, 2012 0 By Amanda

The first week in May was a hectic one for Bimbadeen – with our show team arriving in Rockhampton for Beef 2012 and the World Brangus Congress, as well as hosting a tour group of international visitors travelling through from Brisbane to the same events.

We were delighted to meet some wonderful breeders from North and South America and South Africa on the tour, as Bruce, Barb, Amanda and Lita welcomed them to ‘Upson Downs’ and ‘Arthur’s Knob’ to have lunch and inspect some breeders.

(Forgive the lack of proper photos, the photographer was also hostess and didn’t manage to document the visit very thoroughly!)

Once in Rocky, we set up our ‘home away from home’ in ‘Brangus Boulevard’ at Beef 2012…

Mark’s corrugated iron signs brought plenty of attention…

And visitors (and hosts) enjoyed the rented couches, and a slideshow showcasing the action, scenery and history of Bimbadeen Brangus.

A gallery of images also set off a couple of corner’s of the site…

Nothing like a place to sit down when there is so much to see!

There was plenty of info on our display cattle for our many visitors.

The ‘green team’ of Callum, Lachlan and Mark at the property signposts.

Among those who spent time at the Bimbadeen site was the Cook family from the Northern Territory.

Our littlest team members got busy in the ‘Bimbadeen Tattoo Parlour’…

Even baby cousins were ‘branded’ before they left!

In the showring…  Beef 2012 was the largest ever showing of Brangus in Australia.  Pretty spectacular stuff!

Bimbadeen brought home a couple of ribbons with our young bulls holding their own in some very large classes.

Bimbadeen Fire was among those awarded, running second to the bull who eventually took out Grand Champion Brangus Bull.

Bimbadeen Granite was also recognised, with judge Brett Nobbs pointing out the sirey and beef qualities he displayed despite being many months younger than those he was competing against.

We thank everyone who visited, left wonderful messages in our visitors book, reported on their previous Bimbadeen purchases and who signed up for their next Bimbadeen bulls.  We also thank all who contributed to the World Brangus Congress and Brangus Boulevard.  It was a wonderful series of events and a great location to show off our businesses.

Please note the Beef 2012 page has been added to the options at the top of this site – with a complete overview of our show team.

Announcement of the Bimbadeen heifer (Brangus Stud Starter Pack) winner coming shortly.

Also, for more photos of Bimbadeen action, visit our Facebook page. For more images from social events of The World Brangus Congress, visit the Congress Facebook page.


The Bimbadeen Team.