Little men and lesson 2

Little men and lesson 2

July 1, 2012 0 By Amanda

We have had a wet week here at Bimbadeen.

And while we did manage to walk out our weaners from the dipyards to their new paddocks¬†last week (Lesson Number One) our annual handling of all stud cattle (Lesson Number Two) has been put on hold with the rain…


It was exciting to see the sun finally break through yesterday, to begin to dry roads and yards out.

weaners_6806 e

So we began ‘handling’ our second batch of little bulls in a cooler – utilising kids and cousins to assist in offering sheafs of lucerne hay to curious young Brangus bulls.¬† There is nothing like having a small tribe of young humans around to help test out the flight zones of young bovines.

Hello handsome!


New name: Wild Thing.

weaners_6826 e

We are very happy with the nature of all weaner bulls handled so far.


If they don’t pass the ‘Eat From Our Hand’ test, they don’t get to be a Bimbadeen Bull.


Looking good so far!

weaners_6812 e


The Bimbadeen Team