2013 arrives!

2013 arrives!

March 11, 2013 0 By Amanda

Well WHAT a beginning to 2013!

We arrived into this year with a pretty dry outlook here at Bimbadeen, and wishing for some rain to help out our pastures.


Bruce mustering in stud cows…


Jack and Cal bringing in commercial paddock.

We managed to get the brand all done and were taking a break when our prayers for rain were answered.  Several times over!floods_7889

 This is the view from our house, as the river broke it’s banks to the north.

floods_7765 e

We have since had three seperate floods, been stranded away from the Upson Downs homestead once and watched in awe as the Nogo River roared it’s way past the house and down over the Wuruma Dam wall.     floods_8001

Many buyers will recognise this creek below – although the bridge went well and truly under on a few occasions!


Mark and Cal have had their work cut out for them rebuilding fences as the waters receded.

floods_7929 e

A few have been done more than once too!


As always, our respect for Mother Nature took front seat as we counted the flood crossings swept away and worked out logistics to get our roads usable again.


We are fortunate that our hilly quick-draining granite country allows stock to escape the rising water and let’s us in to check on damage and any injury or illness.
bulls_8272 So far, fingers crossed, the mozzies and sandflies have not brought any three-day sickness with them yet.  Our young bulls are definitely feeling frisky and enjoying all the green pasture now on offer.

We apologise to those who have not been able to reach us to inspect stock, and assure you were are working hard to get our internal access routes up and operational very soon.  And we hope you got the rain you needed, and (if you got too much) are recovering well from the floods.