Paddock roundup

Paddock roundup

May 23, 2013 2 By Amanda

Time for an update, as we prepare for weaning here at Bimbadeen!


We have been recovering (road and fence-wise) from January and February floods but the cattle have been enjoying a decent season and still enjoying good bodies of grass as we head into winter.

bim cow_0743

bim_0760 f

It’s lovely to see calves blooming and streams running – despite the extra work those creeks have caused!


bim_0782 eIn-calf heifers and cows are also looking healthy and strong as the cooler months approach.

bim heifers_0545

bim heifers_0565

The boys have been busy sorting females, and selecting and preparing bulls as we head into bull sale season.


We are very happy with this year’s line of bulls…



… and are already getting strong enquiry for both red and black sires.


All those looking to secure their Bimbadeen brangus bulls are invited to call Mark to discuss inspection soon.

mates_9363 e

As Bruce and Barb are currently enjoying a well-earned trip overseas, all calls should be make to the ‘Upson Downs’ number.

bull_9369 e

We hope your season is treating you well, and that recent rains have reached those in the west who have missed out so far.

Make sure you check back here for some more Bimbadeen news – an announcement coming soon!