Open Letter: Despite the Dry

October 11, 2013 0 By Amanda

Greetings from Bimbadeen!


We understand that beef producers across the country are facing very dry conditions this season.  Amanda travelled to Blackall last month and saw first-hand some of the challenges facing cattlemen and women in Queensland’s Central West.  And despite experiencing floods in January, Bimbadeen is not immune to the current dry, with very little rainfall here over the past three months.

As the dry spell continues and pastures suffer, we all need to make smart long-term decisions about our bull purchases, regardless of whether we are stud or commerical operations. We all know that while size is visually impressive, it is not everything – there is no point in having a massive-framed beef animal that you cannot finish on available fodder.

Investing in bulls with sound structure, fertility, good (but not extreme) frame and extremely good feed efficiency genetics – converting minimum feed into maximum beef  – is what Bimbadeen is all about!

BULLS_1135 E

Two of our Rocky ABCA Sale bulls are in the TOP 1% of  Aussie Brangus for Feed Efficiency, with the Genestar MVP ratingThat means the very best prospects for conversion of fodder into weight gain. 

The EBVs and Genestar MVPs for all four Bimbadeen sale bulls reflect these beef-making qualities – they are rising two years of age and will provide early-finishing progeny.  Our preparation has included some supplementation, but the bulls have not been lot fed.

To check out photos and data on these four impressive young bulls – Hamburg, Harlem, Hino and Havana – visit our 2013 Sale page.  Pedigrees, weights and EBV and MVP highlights are included.

bulls_1140 E

We hope to see you at the 2013 ABCA Brangus Bull Sale in Gracemere on October 15 – bulls will be available for inspection from the morning of Monday 14th.

If you are unable to make the sale  Auctions Plus will be working for remote bidders.

Wishing you all the best for an improvment in weather and a good beef-producing season ahead.

Bruce, Mark & Amanda