Bimbadeen @ Beef 2015

Bimbadeen @ Beef 2015

May 13, 2015 0 By Amanda

What a week we had a Beef Week 2015!
BEEF site panoe

We had hundreds of people visit us at our site in Brangus Boulevard…

beef_3675 e

Mark, Amanda, Jack and Sarah were joined by friend and local agribusiness specialist Lisa Londsdale.


Along with Bimbadeen Kimberley…

bimbadeen kakadu e

Bimbadeen Kakadu…

bimbadeen koz e

and Bimbadeen Kosciusko …

BEEF_3566 E

We shared a special presentation with visitors called ‘The Bimbadeen Experience’ which we plan to share on this website very soon!

beef_3664 ee

We had many special visitors, including Buck Thomasen from Indian Hills Ranch, Texas, USA (pictured here with Bruce and Barbara Burnham, founders of Bimbadeen Brangus).

beef_3631 e

We were pleased with our couple of young Bimbadeen representatives in the show arena.

BEEF site boyd e

Mark talked bulls and heifers for five days!

beef_3669 e

And many, many bright green Bimbadeen balloons were handed out to youngsters who visited us!

BEEF site family

We’d love to thanks everyone who helped make this amazing trade fair possible – especially those suppliers who went above and beyond with our re-branding effort, our jillaroo Mikki who lead our cattle in her second ever cattle show, fellow Brangus who helped our site happen. It was a huge team effort!

businesscard eIf you called by, we hope you picked one of these up!  Our new wash-proof business cards…

We look forward to seeing many of you here at Bimbadeen for your paddock bull inspection – red and black Brangus bulls ready for the breeding season ahead.