Introducing the top 10

August 7, 2020 0 By Amanda

The 2020 BIMBADEEN BRANGUS SALE catalogue is at the printers finally – and it’s time to introduce the first ten lots…

Leading the way is this super smooth, super skinned, super-masculine sire of the future – a great combination of style & substance: Bimbadeen Quatermain (P).


Quatermain has terrific skin and thickness, verified to sire Oaklands Ambassador (ET) out of all-Australian dam. Consistent EBVs and excellent fertility measures: SS 41cm, 80% motility & 90% morphology. (ABCA Pedigree here.)

Lot 2 Bimbadeen Quartz (P)(AI)(ET) is an exciting beef-producing bull, with a great Brangus pedigree.

LOT 2: Bimbadeen Quartz (P)(AI)(ET)

Quartz is by MC Granite 834B (US) out of Bimbadeen’s super-dam Q105. He was the heaviest bull in the draft (in June) with outstanding carcase, underline and fertility measures: SS 39cm, 80% motility & 91% morphology. (Collected and offering 3/4 share).(ABCA pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 3 is the beautifully balanced blue-blood Bimbadeen Quest (P).

LOT 3: Bimbadeen QUEST (P)

Quest offers outstanding bloodlines – verified to sire Oaklands Ambassador (ET) out of daughter of elite Bimbadeen dam D135. Terrific underline, top 10% 600dw EBV. Fertility: SS 41cm, 81% motility, 83% morphology. Already collected and offering 3/4 share. (NB Ears damaged by dogs). (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 4 is the stylish power-pack Bimbadeen Quintessential (P).

lot 4: Bimbadeen QUINTESSENTIAL (P)

Quintessential is all class & kindness, with a bombproof temperament, great Brinks pedigree (with a dash of Suhn’s Affirmed 416N4), good consistent EBVs and offering classic Brangus sire head (PP). Sire verified to TH Jackman 541H17 (ET). Fertility: SS 39cm, 85% motility. (ABCA pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 5 Bimbadeen Quicksilver (P) is long, strong and gorgeous.

LOT 5: Bimbadeen QUICKSILVER (P)

Quicksilver is certainly an eye-catcher – verified to sire TH Mundine with very good consistent EBVs. His DNA shows homozygous poll and black coat with tenderness of 7. Lovely temperament with fertility measures of 37cm SS and 91% morphology. (ABCA Pedigree and EBVs)

Lot 6 Bimbadeen QE2 (P) is one long, lovely package.

LOT 6: Bimbadeen QE2 (P)

QE2 is super long, smooth coated, big framed young bull. He offers terrific fertility traits (39cm SS, 80% motility, 80% morphology) with strong weight gain EBVs (and top 5% for milk trait).Lovely calm nature. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 7 Bimbadeen Quarry (P)(AI)(ET) has great breeding and form.

LOT 7: Bimbadeen QUARRY (P)(AI)(ET)

Quarry is a full (embryo) brother to lot 2 bull – by MC Granite 834B (US) out of Bimbadeen’s super-dam Q105. Good consistent EBVS (low birthweight, above average weight gain traits). Gentle nature, lovely frame and carcass. Homozygous poll & black coat. 41cm SS. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 8 Bimbadeen Quid (P)(AI)(ET) combines exciting Brangus genetics.

LOT 8: Bimbadeen QUID (P)(AI)(ET)

Quid needs to be seen in the flesh – he is super easy-doing and easy-going, already taking after his sire MR. NEW BLOOD 50H (P) in genotype, with very good EBVs and terrific fertility measures: 44cm SS, 80% motility and 83% morphology. DNA shows he is homozygous poll. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 9 is the special heritage bull, Bimbadeen Quinella (P)(AI).

LOT 9: Bimbadeen QUINELLA (P)(AI)

Quinella offers Australian Brangus Heritage genetics (x Greendale Zeus) with stylish, well-muscled appearance, great underline and beautiful temperament. 37cm SS. One of a kind – already collected and offering 3/4 share. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 10 Bimbadeen Quantum (P)(AI) is the perfect heifer bull.

LOT 10: Bimbadeen QUANTUM (P)(AI)

Quantum is a heifer’s first calf (the stylish Bimbadeen Nyx) by Sundance of Brinks. He is well-fleshed with a great underline and nature. DNA shows homozygous poll and black coat. Combines low birthweight EBVs with great fertility – 80% motility, 86% morphology. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

See the full catalogue online here and email or message us with mailing details for a hard copy.