The 2020 Red Bulls

August 8, 2020 0 By Amanda

Introducing the draft of red Brangus bulls being offered in the 2020 Bimbadeen Brangus Sale…

LOT 11 Bimbadeen Queanbeyan (P) has SIRE written all over him.

LOT 11: Bimbadeen QUEANBEYAN (P)

Queanbeyan is a big, higher content red bull with incredible temperament, great style, and a terrific underline. Homozygous poll and red coat colour, tenderness 7. Top 2 for 600dw and top 5 for 400dw for red Brangus bulls in 2018-2019 cohort. Needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Offering 3/4 share. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

LOT 12 Bimbadeen Quilpie (P) is a long, strong meat-machine.

Lot 12 Bimbadeen Quilpie (P)
LOT 12: Bimbadeen QUILPIE (P)

Quilpie displays higher content and great bone and balance. Highest 600dw EBV and top 8 for 400 dw for red Brangus bulls in 2018-2019 cohort. DNA shows homozygous poll and red coat colour.(ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 13 Bimbadeen Quarterback (P) is offers great skin and style.

LOT 13: Bimbadeen QUARTERBACK (P)
Lot 13 Bimbadeen Quarterback (P)

Quarterback is an active, eye-catching bull with terrific balance and great eye appeal. DNA shows homozygous poll and red coat genes. Raw data is the goods – top 5 for weights in all Bimbadeen Sale bulls and 41cm SS. (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 14 Bimbadeen Quiz (P) a lovely cherry-red bull.

LOT 15: Bimbadeen QUIZ (P)

Quiz is a very square and correct young bull. He is by Doonside Franchise, is homozygous poll and red coat colour, with a kind nature with great fertility indicators (44cm SS). (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Lot 15 Bimbadeen Quixote (P) is a great red ‘package’.

LOT 14: Bimbadeen QUIXOTE (P)

Quixote has a terrific deep-sided frame & offers homozygous poll and red coat colour with tenderness score of 9! His EBVs show low birthweight and great milk scores. He also has terrific fertility results (41cm SC, 80% motility, 79% morphology). (ABCA Pedigree & EBVs)

Please check out the full Bimbadeen 2020 Catalogue online here.