Beef 2021

May 11, 2021 0 By Amanda

We had a wonderful time catching up with clients and Brangus enthusiasts during the Beef Australia 2021 expo.

Bimbadeen secured a great location in ‘Brangus Boulevard’, right on Centre Ring, across from the Brangus show teams.

We stocked all the essentials: business cards, flyers, santiser and mentos!

Seven young bulls from the BIMBADEEN 65th ANNIVERSARY GENETICS SALE (to be held on September 21, 2021) were selected to represent us at our trade site at ‘Beef Australia 2021’.

Some of our Beef 2021 visitors.
Sarah Salisbury checking on (from left) Remington, Riptide & Redemption.

We are very proud of how our team worked together (both human and bovine) throughout the 8 days we were ‘bumped in’ at Rockhampton Showgrounds.

Amy Cook grooming (from left) Ripcurl, Rockstar (and behind) Romeo.

Rocky R144, Romeo R102, Rockstar R100, Remington R1, Redemption R282, Riptide R25 and Ripcurl R150 handled the 8 days on display beautifully – offering visitors a taste of the 50 young sires-of-the-future we will be offering at our September Sale.

Bimbadeen Romeo R102 enjoying a feed after a hard day of being inspected.

Plenty of adults and children got to experience some Bimbadeen ‘temperament’ for themselves…

Zoe Burnham sharing some love with Remington & Romeo.

One bull who was tucked away in the back corner of our display was Bimbadeen Rocky R144 (P) – an exciting young bull with great weight gain and fertility EBVs, DNA results (homozygous polled and black coat) and deep pedigree (4 gens). He also has a brilliant underline, lovely flesh pattern and a super-calm temperament.

And while we weren’t able to show this year (with new rules around trade sites) we were ably represented in Centre Ring with stewards Amy and Sarah!

Mark, Amanda and the boys.

A huge thankyou to everyone who took the time to drop by site R47 and check out the Bimbadeen Brangus display.

If you are not yet on our mailing list, and would like to be kept up-to-date with information (and catalogues) for the BIMBADEEN 65th ANNIVERSARY GENETICS SALE, please send Amanda an email with your mailing information: amanda @ bimbadeenbrangus . com

The 2021 Bimbadeen Team – Amy, Jack, Mark, Amanda & Sarah