Sneak peek at 2022 sale draft

Sneak peek at 2022 sale draft

August 15, 2022 0 By Amanda

We are delighted to introduce a selection of our stars for the 2022 Bimbadeen Brangus Sale, to be held on-property on September 20. We have catalogued 58 outstanding young bulls (all under 2 years of age) and six lovely young PTIC heifers.

First up, the super-thick, super-stylish Bimbadeen SAXON S55. He was a last-minute inclusion in the ‘Sire Shootout’ earlier this year, and impressed judges with a top 5 finish (against all-breeds from around Australia) in the Bos Indicus section, and top 15 overall. We are selling 3/4 share (full possession) with excellent collection already in the tank.

((Photographed at 21 months of age)

Saxon has always been a stand-out in his cohort, and has grown and matured hugely in the last few weeks.

Lot 1, SAXON. Gorgeous from every angle.

Lot 2 bull, Bimbadeen SEATTLE S400 (P) is a paternal half-brother to Saxon, and offers all of his softness, bone and depth in a 6-month younger bull.

LOT 2 – Bimbadeen SEATTLE S400 (P)
(photographed at 15 months of age)
SEATTLE. Just a baby, but that potential is clear.

Our lot 3 bulls is Bimbadeen SUPREME S31 (P) – throwing more to the bos taurus side of his pedigree and just so correct with his underline, back, coverage. Terrific weight EBVs and great fertility results.

(Photographed at 21 months of age)

Lot 4 is Bimbadeen SERGEANT S10 (P) – another very correct young bull with great fertility indicators.

Bimbadeen SERGEANT S10 (P)
(photographed at 21 months of age)

Lot 5 is the eye-catching Bimbadeen SUMMIT S60 (P). This bull has superb skin, great masculine polled head, outstanding weight EBVs and straight-up Aussie Brangus STYLE.

Bimbadeen SUMMIT S60 (P)
(photographed at 22 months of age)

Lot 6 bull Bimbadeen SABRE S1 is a bull for those looking for size and type. He has a beautiful phenotype and underline, lovely temperament and his DNA cannot be faulted.

Bimbadeen SABRE S1 (P)
(photographed at 21 months of age)

Lot 7 Bimbadeen STERLING S128 (P) offers incredible temperament plus great carcase characteristics. He is absolutely bomb-proof (loves a cuddle) is as thick as a brick, and is top 5% for 600dw EBVs.

Bimbadeen STERLING S128 (P)
(Photographed at 22 months of age)

Lot 8 is Bimbadeen SUPERMAN S222 (P) who combines extraordinary length and underline with a great nature and terrific fertility results.

Bimbadeen SUPERMAN S222 (P)
(Photographed at 22 months of age)

The photo for Lot 12 bull Bimbadeen SENSATION S88 (P) doesn’t really do him justice – this guy is GROWTHY, has beautiful skin, great polled head and a lovely muscle pattern. He’s one of our favourites!

Bimbadeen SENSATION S88 (P)
(Photographed at 21 months of age)

Lot 16 is our super-poser, Bimbadeen SECRET AGENT S129 (P). This bull took about 20 seconds to photograph for the catalogue, has sleek skin and an excellent underline. His dam is an 11-year-old cow who is still breeding.

Bimbadeen SECRET AGENT S129 (P)
(Photographed at 22 months of age)

The first of the 2022 bulls being offered by our son, Jack Salisbury, is this EXTRA-THICK young bull Bimbadeen S SPECTRE 007 (P). Bone and capacity are this bull’s hallmarks, with very strong weight gain EBVs and excellent fertility results.

Bimbadeen J SPECTRE 007 (P)
(Photographed at 21 months of age)
One of Spectre’s best angles – all that THICKNESS walking away.

Lot 22 Bimbadeen SHERLOCK S48 (P) is a superb young bull vying for top spot in current weights for our sale bulls. His skin, hooded eye, underline and shape are all superb.

Bimbadeen SHERLOCK S48 (P)
(Photographed at 22 months of age)

Lot 22 Bimbadeen SORRENTO S170 (P) throws to his dam (Bimbadeen H114, high BI content) side in phenotype, but is by our 3/8-5/8 super-easy-doing sire Bimbadeen LITCHFIELD L12 (ET)(P). H114 is 11 years of age and still breeding (calf raised every year).

Bimbadeen SORRENTO S170 (P)
(Photographed at 21 months of age)
Sweet SORRENTO shot – all that length hides plenty of capacity.

The first of our red Brangus bulls comes in at lot 47. Bimbadeen J SIOUX 005 (P) leans to his bos indicus side in phenotype, and brings great skin and fertility markers. He has had a big growth spurt just before photos and is still filling out.

Bimbadeen J SIOUX 005 (P)
(Photographed at 21 months of age)

Lot 48 is Bimbadeen SAINT S271 (P) – a very soft, incredibly easy-doing and kind young red bull.

Bimbadeen SAINT S271 (P)
(Photographed at 21 months of age)

The catalogue is about to hit the printers – contact us if you need a hard copy posted to you. Links will be up for online versions shortly. If you want to check out the ABCA links for all lots (including our six lovely PTIC females), then head here.

Keep your eyes peeled on FACEBOOK for more images, updates and info as we approach sale day (just over 5 weeks away).